Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Our other home in Ithaca

Lovely Readers,
Hold on to your hats, lest your heads explode. . . Emily posted twice in two days!  I told you, this new computer is like magic.

Anyhow, tonight I thought I'd give a little update on our other home here in Ithaca - our spiritual home - our church.  Anyone who knows us is aware that our faith is a big part of our lives.  A large part of that faith is being active in a community.  In fact, many of our close Bucknell friends are those from CCM (Catholic Campus Ministry), and our involvement with CCM certainly didn't hurt our blossoming collegiate romance, either.  After graduation, I returned to my home parish in Harrisburg to be involved with the Parish Council and other activities, and Justin was active with the Cornell Catholic graduate student group.

Coming from such environments, it was easy for us to feel a little out-of-place at a church where no one knew our names.  We were very excited this evening to attend Mass and a Potluck dinner at our parish to celebrate the feast day at - fittingly - Immaculate Conception Parish.  We met a lot of great people and already feel right at home.

At a potluck, you always know it's either very good or very bad when someone says "who brought such and such [insert item you brought]"!  Happily, this time they were looking for the recipe because they liked it.  I really can't take any credit for the many recipes my mom has passed to me, but I'm certainly glad to have them!  Thanks for making me look good, Mom!  And to whoever gave my mom this recipe, thanks to you, too!

Since I have been asked for this recipe many times in my (short) domestic life, I thought I'd share it here, as well.  And so, without further ado, Orange Fruit Salad.  (Also known by my 5-year old cousin as "Aunt Pat's DELICIOUS fruit salad)

1 small box instant vanilla pudding
1 1/2 cups milk
1/3 cup orange juice concentrate (approximately half of a 12 oz container)
3/4 cup sour cream

1 chopped apple
2 medium bananas
1 can mandarin oranges
1 can peaches
1 can pineapple
halved grapes

Mix pudding mix and milk.  Stir in orange juice concentrate and sour cream, then add fruits.  I always use the mandarin oranges, peaches, and pineapples, but change the others depending what I have and how I'm feeling. 

Enjoy :)  I promise that it's easy and delicious.