Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas from our house to yours!

Merry Christmas to all!  Since I've gotten some feedback from loyal readers (or, viewers I should say.  ahem, ColinandMaura) that a non-verbose Christmas post was in order, here you go....lots of pictures and small amounts of text (I can't help it I'm a talker!)

Look!  Justin Claus on the roof!  He was dropping off my presents (and while he was up there, figured he'd take care of the little entranceway that had developed for our furry friends the squirrels.  Sorry guys, guest room's not for you!)

Presents under tree (I am waiting patiently to open them while writing this).  Also note our "couch" which is really a twin bed with a "slipcover" aka the future kitchen curtains that I haven't made yet.  I'll fake it 'till I make it!  Also, the presents aren't all for me...but there are 4 with my name on them!

Our first Christmas tree, moments after claiming it as ours!

 Christmas tree set up inside 

Nativity scene (try not to be distracted by the horrendous peach walls & blinds)

And last, but not least, check out the other present that Justin Claus built yesterday!  That guy is so multi-talented!  Hooray for a closet in the master bedroom!  We're one step closer to moving upstairs!

Here's wishing all of you a very Merry Christmas.  I hope your heart sings out with joy like the angels on that first Christmas.  I think that mine is :)

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