Friday, December 10, 2010


...more time in a day.  Anyone with information on how such an arrangment could be made, please let me know immediately.  An acceptable alternative would be a clone of myself (that's almost like having more time, although I do admit it wouldn't be a very kind thing to wish on my dear husband, as one of me is surely enough).

In any regard, I was just daydreaming of all the things that I would like to accomplish at our house.  Progress is certainly being made, and I have yet to reach a point of frustration in which I wished for a less-work-intensive house, but it sure would be fun if I had a few more hours each day to paint, organize, craft, sew, and otherwise transform this house into the vision I see when I look beyond its current mess and dilapidation.

Here's hoping I have some progress to show you soon ~ but certainly not tonight!  I've lost my collegiate ability to spend extensive period of time on little sleep [studying, not partying - you know me!].  Perhaps my infamous motto of "I'll sleep when I'm dead" would have been better phrased "I'll sleep when I'm an adult."

P.S. Apologies to Colin for another picture-less post.  :P  That is, if you're even reading this one!

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