Friday, March 18, 2011

Power tools

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On Wednesday evening, Justin went out for a mandate ("man - date," aka guy time) with his former roommate. 

After I was sure I'd heard the door close, I got out the power tools.  You see, typically, I'm not supposed to use the drill without the close supervision (really, the additional upper body strength) of my husband.  We've had a few instances where I've tried to "help" putting screws into drywall or other projects, and that has quickly resulted in my return to the tool holder/fetcher role. I'm totally OK with the fact that I'm not able to do everything that Justin can. After all, there's plenty of things that work in the reverse.  Like making curtains.

But therein lay the problem.  I was itching to get started on turning the fabric my sister and I had chosen into master bedroom curtains.  I didn't want to start sewing until I knew the exact length I needed.  And I couldn't decide on the length until the curtain rods were hung.  Enter my best Rosie the Riveter impression.  I was bound and determined that I could do it, and low and behold, I did!

Obviously, I also spent some time with my own power tools (the iron & sewing machine) and sewed the curtains.

You're looking at one of two windows.  The second has only the rod.  You see, there was a slight hold-up in the form of a minor injury.  In a very ironic turn to the evening, I managed to hurt myself - not with the drill, but with the sewing machine.  I have been sewing since age 5, and have never before gotten my finger too close to the needle.  Apparently I just needed a little humbling after my pride at hanging the curtain rods!

Pierced finger and all, I'm still pleased with the evening's progress!

P.S. My finger is totally fine, I only caught a little edge, and you can barely see the mark two days later.  Also, I realize that hanging curtain rods isn't really that big of a project and lots of women do far more, but I was excited for doing something I hadn't done by myself until now!

Anybody else out there with sorely ironic injuries - home improvement or otherwise?  Don't forget...I love comments :)

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  1. I got 2 of my fingers caught in a trash can.