Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Lilly's in the house!

Some of you may know that since high school, I've dreamed of naming a little girl Lillian Patricia.  My affinity for this name was so strong, in fact, that I used to say that I wouldn't marry someone opposed to that choice.  Well, folks, turns out ol' Justin was just too charming, and he wooed me, despite his lukewarm (if best) appreciation for a beautiful name.

With dreams of a real-life Lilly dashed, is it any real surprise which of the two chairs I was considering (remember this post with the debate?) made the final cut?

Welcome home, Lilly!

Although the name certainly was icing on the cake, the Lilly chair actually won over competitor Addyson (also from Pier 1) for the functional arms - thanks to the many commentors who made me realize the importance of such a feature in a chair!
Addyson Chair

The first time I saw Lilly at the Pier 1 store, I was concerned the bold pattern would be too much for a small space.  But, now that I have it home, it's not too much, and it does a lot to help the pink guestroom look more grown-up chic and less little girl.

And check out the fantastic legs - one of my favorite parts:

And the flowers couldn't have played off the pink any better:

Is there any doubt in anyone's mind where I'm sitting to write tonight's blog post??  There are many evenings to come in this cozy corner, and some mornings, too - I just discovered that the morning sunlight streams directly to this corner.  And we all know I love the sunshine as much as I love a sweet someone something named Lilly!

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