Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Strange, but true

Tonight I decided to do something about the 10+ outlets and light switches in our house that are sans-cover.  It's one of those small projects that seems to drag on after finishing a room - the space returns to normal (or in our case, becomes inhabitable), and we get so busy living and enjoying the house that we don't really mind the tiny projects (also, paint touch-ups, installing the bathroom door-knob, etc).  Having recently booked several dinner guests AND a weekend visit from a good friend, the tiny projects suddenly seem more important (particularly that bathroom doorknob!).

So....I bought a whole bunch of new covers today.  And, strange but true, it took me longer to decide on those than it did to decide on paint colors.  Seriously.

I'll be busy running around doing the little jobs and other visitor prep-work this week, but hoping to pop back on here with a more substantial update.  Oh yeah - and I painted the living room on Saturday - guess I owe you some pictures!  :)

Until then...reader participation: am I the only one with detail-decision-paralysis? 

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  1. I suffer from this condition as well.