Sunday, September 4, 2011

Kitchen day 41: All coming together

Today, I spent a good portion of the day working in the kitchen, all the while marveling at the simple fact that I was where I was - putting the finishing touches on the kitchen.  Sure, it's been 41 days in the making, and a year or more in the waiting, but it doesn't seem quite possible that we're nearing the end of our largest (and, aside from small projects) final home renovation project.  Naturally, I'm thrilled by the progress, and excited that my focus can shift from rebuilding rooms into decorating and organizing, but that doesn't stop me from feeling a little nostalgic and incredulous of just how far we've come.  (Cue the sappy music and the sappy "Remember when?" post from our one-year home ownership anniversary)

Today, I painted both sides of the exterior kitchen door, and painted the trim around the other doors and windows.  Also, I put down the infamous vinyl tiles (which arrived safely from Florida on Thursday).  Seeing them made me realize that my panic in not being able to find them was almost justified.  They look even better than I imagined (and I imagined they'd be incredible).

You'll have to excuse the quality of my cell-phone picture, as my camera battery needs charged AND I can't find my camera cord.  As I said, it's nice that I can shift into organization mode soon :)

Check back tomorrow ~ there will be lots of exciting progress, as the cabinet installation begins first thing in the morning :)  Don't worry, that is enough incentive to make me search for the pesky camera cord!

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