Monday, September 5, 2011

Kitchen day 42: Excitement has tuckered me out

Today was the day!  The cabinets are in place!  I feel like a little girl with a brand new dream play kitchen ~ and, as Justin happily pointed out, I can cook real food!

Literally, my first sneak peak today (when only the first two cabinets were in place) brought me to tears, I couldn't believe that it was really happening, and that it is MY kitchen.  I'm tearing up again now just thinking about it.  If you've ever had a dream come true, then you know where I'm coming from!

As I said, the cabinets are all in place.  Our installer will be back Wednesday for some finishing touches (hardware, crown moulding, etc), and it's possible that the counter tops could even be ready for installation then!  Have I mentioned that I'm excited?

This afternoon, I went to Jo-Anns and found the perfect fabric for kitchen cafe' curtains.  And, since I had the day off, I came right up to my sewing room and made them!  It's a fun (and rare) occurrence to start and finish a project all in a day!

The only bad thing about today was my fruitless search for the camera cord.  The battery is well charged and ready, but despite looking behind and under every piece of furniture we have, in every drawer, and in lots of random places a camera cord could not possibly be, I still haven't found the pesky thing.   If St. Anthony hasn't returned from vacation soon, I will snag Justin's camera for some better pictures (hopefully his is charged, too!), but for now I'm exhausted from all of the excitement, and so I'll tide you over with another poor quality cell phone picture.

Doesn't it look like a perfect little dollhouse kitchen?  Have I mentioned that I'm thrilled?  :)

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