Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Quick craft project: Party favor turned pincushion

With all of the big projects going on in the kitchen, sometimes it is nice to get-away to my sewing room and finish a little project.  I had a little heart shaped tin, which came as a party favor at a bridal shower.  The mints that came with it are long gone, but I though it would be the perfect solution to my pins-gone-wild problem in the sewing room.  (Once was one time too many to get a pin directly into the foot).  I used the base of the tin, a scrap of fabric, some fiber fill, ribbon, and the trusty glue gun.

If you were to try this at home, I'd recommend a larger piece of fabric than you expect.  Working in small sections, I put a line of hot glue along the upper inside rim of the tin, attaching the right side of the fabric, and tucking it as I went around.  Once I had about 80% of the fabric glued, I stuffed a large amount of the fiber fill inside (more than what was pictured above), tucked the fabric down and added the last seam of glue.  A quick ribbon bow hot glued on, and my bridal shower favor (otherwise destined for the trash) became a delightful (and functional) addition to my sewing room!

Before.....and after! 

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  1. Hi Emily, that's a cool way to make it. I'll do one. Thanks for sharing.

  2. it came out really cute!

    new follower!