Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Kitchen Day 43: Exploring my play house kitchen

You'll be happy to know that I found my camera cord this morning!  When I went to grab a towel this morning - in the dark - from the clean laundry basket, I ended up with the cord on my first try.  I suppose it was a lesson in not procrastinating at putting away the laundry (not one of my favorite chores, given our limited clothing storage), but don't worry, there's a post coming up about a big purchase we made this weekend that will solve that problem! (the avoidance-of-putting-away-laundry problem, the missing-camera-cord problem will likely persist from time to time!)  

At any rate, now I have both a charged camera and the camera cord - and thus, lots of kitchen pictures!  And so, without further ado...the tour!  I still feel like a little girl with a little play house kitchen, it's so perfect and cute (at least in my eyes!), despite the pending counter tops, dishwasher, crown moulding, etc!  Oh, and the cabinet knobs, the backer to the peninsula, and outlet covers.

Another angle, missing same items as above, plus the refrigerator.

Other angles, showcasing the newly painted trim and porch door.

Shelves, dishwasher, and remaining tiles waiting for installation.  Also, my computer.  I am so excited about the kitchen that I am sitting on the floor to write this post, just because I like being in here.  Despite it being a) a kitchen, and b) unfinished, it's already one of the coziest rooms in the house.  This is perfect since a kitchen is the heart of the home! 

I had mentally prepared myself that I wouldn't be able to store all of my gadgets, etc...until I saw the cabinets.  There is so much space!  I just like to stand here and stare at the cabinets and imagine the best way to arrange everything.  Also daydream about all the food I will be able to make when it's back up and running (the most complicated thing I've made in recent memory was microwaved soup...and a freezer pizza).

Look!  More storage space!  And nifty pull-out shelves in the cabinets so that we don't have to take out every pot and pan just to get to the one in the back.

Pull out trash can & recycling can in the peninsula

Close-up of my new cafe curtains (and the view of the needs-to-be-weeded garden and the needs-to-be-replaced fence)

I think fall was the perfect time to paint the kitchen a "fall" color.  Jo-Anns had plenty of fabrics in the seasonal section that would have worked, but this was perfect.  I love the whimsical vines...and the color is absolutely identical to the wall paint!  (Although both look too red in this picture)

Trim pieces drying in the basement after Justin primed and painted them.

And, one more shot, just because it makes me happy

Yay kitchen!  :)

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