Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Home inspiration

As I was washing the dinner dishes this evening, I looked up at the little magazine clipping my mom once mailed to me.  I found it so fitting that I taped it up above the sink - as a reminder of how I'd like to make our home.

It reads

The true nature of home...is a place of peace...so far as the anxieties of the outer life penetrate into it...it ceases to be home; it is then only a part of the outer world which you have roofed over & lighted fire in. - John Ruskin

This is just one way of defining the ideal home I seek to create.  As I work on my list (mentioned last week) of home characteristics, I thought it would be nice to have a compilation of inspiring quotes, thoughts, etc.  Since I never really used the "Blog Archives" section at the top of the blog, I took that away and replaced it with a "Home inspiration" page, where I'll be storing quotes as I find them.  I hope it will serve as an inspiration for all of us as we seek to create "home."

Please check it out, and as always, your suggestions and comments are most welcome :)

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