Friday, April 5, 2013

When in doubt, look at Anna :)

I had a blog post in mind for this evening, but when I went to grab my camera, the battery was dead (too many Easter shots!)

So, I decided...when in doubt, look at Anna :)  I figured that you won't mind another picture of her in her Easter dress, and I think this one is my favorite yet (thanks to my brother & his photography skills!)  It would probably be in the best interest of everyone if I just left my camera battery dead and relied on his photography!  Too bad he's 4 hours away :(

Anyway, writing this post reminded me that I have a constant delicate balance of focusing on our family & on our home.  The family needs a safe, comfortable place to live and play - but those things alone will not make for nice family life!  You may have heard the adage..."Good moms have sticky floors, messy ovens...and happy kids," and I don't ever want to lose sight of that in the midst of my home beautification kicks.  So, I guess - once again - when in doubt, look at Anna!  Although, I do have to admit, with her exploratory licking of all surfaces, watching her does inspire me {to try} to keep the floors clean.  Win-win, right?

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