Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Wisdom Wednesday: Mama knows best

Well, hello there!  I didn't quite intend for such a long silence here on the blog.  I sat down (finally) to post some pictures on some of the projects that I have (finally) done (sense a procrastination theme here?) but then I realized that it's Wednesday and time for my latest installment of "Wisdom Wednesday."

I don't have an officially quoted quote this week, just something that struck me while talking on the phone this week to my mom.  Moms always know best, and I think mine is particularly suited to offer wisdom about making a house a home.  (She's been described - both by me, and by others, independently - as a combination Energizer Bunny-Martha Stewart, or a Martha Stewart-Mother Teresa mix.)

As we were chatting the other day, we started talking about some renovations my parents are planning to do soon, and she was sharing that she really wants to chose elements of the room that are warm and welcoming.  "I just want people to walk in and feel like they're getting a hug," she said.  That really struck me as a perfect description of what home is about - both for the people who live there and for visitors.

In this crazy world, full of unexpected tragedy, don't we all need a hug?  I hope that whenever you go home tonight, that's what you feel!

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