Tuesday, October 22, 2013

7 points for me!

I've realized that the blog has recently become a lot more "tell" than "show," even though it was originally created to be an update of our home renovations.  I'm enjoying my opportunities to be an armchair philosopher and dive into some of the other posts, but - you need pictures!

The visual updates have been lacking, in part, because the completed projects have been lacking.  With a limit to the number of hours per day that I can do something that requires both hands and more than 50% of my attention, blogging and crafting sometimes are at odds for my attention.  But, on Sunday, Justin took Anna to the park, and I had a lovely afternoon sewing (given that I don't do any housework on Sundays, I also got to devote her entire naptime to craftiness!  Woo!)

It turns out that when I am fully awake (as opposed to quite tired, after Anna's bedtime, when I usually sit down to sew), I'm much more willing to start projects that require thinking or deciding.  And so I finally made myself some letter templates and, voila:

Scrabble pillows for our bed:

Although we don't play much anymore, Scrabble was a big part of our early dating relationship, so I thought this was a cute nod to that memory.  I saw similar pillows (I think spelling HOME) online a long time ago, and that inspiration was literally the first thing I ever pinned.  I'm not even sure how many years ago that was, and I know I bought the fabric at least 6 months ago.

So, while it wouldn't be a high-scoring move on the board, FINALLY completing these feels like a huge crafting 7-point win!

Speaking of sewing, I've had several friends over the years tell me that they wanted me to teach them to sew, and so with the most recent request, I decided that I would write a few brief "so you want to sew" posts about gathering materials, getting started, choosing a beginner project, etc.  I'm hoping to get the first one up this week, so if you've been meaning to learn, now's your chance!

P.S. Apparently my mid-afternoon brain isn't as sharp as I thought - I just published the initial version of this post giving myself 6 points.  Basic math skills are always helpful...


  1. I L O V E them! I'm thinking of copying your idea (again) for some throw pillows in our TV room or the kids' playroom in the future. What a fun way for the kids to practice spelling one day!

  2. So cute! And I love that you don't do housework on Sundays--gotta love the Sabbath :)

  3. Too cute! So excited for your tutorials :)

  4. LOVE the love! :) And...teach me to sew! My mother hasn't been too successful, but perhaps a new perspective will help.