Friday, October 25, 2013

Quick Takes: Edition 9

Quicker than quick takes because I already wrote a long post tonight and it's past my bedtime (and yet feel the need to collect my thoughts once a week in this format!)

1) Writing my how-to sewing posts has been a lot of fun - I think the most fun I've had writing on the blog.  Apparently I enjoy telling people what to do.  (No surprise to my siblings!)

2) Rosie was the one who requested I write the series - but then she went and learned to sew without me.  Check out the awesome skirt she made!

3) The giveaway for my (new favorite, I-think-it-changed-my-life book) Keeping House by Margaret Kim Peterson ended last night - congratulations to Ellen!

4) If you did not win the giveaway, get thee to a library or a bookstore or Amazon and make sure you read it ASAP.  You won't regret it, especially if you have found yourself overwhelmed by the monotony of cooking, cleaning, laundry, etc.

5) We missed story hour today because Justin & I (and apparently most of Ithaca) were getting flu shots beforehand and we thought we'd be done in time.  It turned out to be a good thing we missed it because my sweet girl woke up from her nap quite feverish, and we ended up taking her in for her first sick visit.  Thankfully, she perked up after a dose of ibuprofen, and it's just a virus (compounded by her incoming upper molars).  Seeing her sick made me incredibly grateful for her great health so far!

6) You'll have to wait until next week for the photos of the new skirt I made Anna (using one of the tutorials I recommend in the learn-to-sew post).  I made it last night in hopes of wearing it to the library today (after the whale dress, I've remained inclined to dress her up for story hour), but the story-hour runway debut will have to be next week.  You know, because all the little girls go to the library just to see what Anna's wearing.

7) I'm losing steam...bed time.  Goodnight!  Check out my learn-to-sew posts for more coherent thoughts (or other bloggers at Cari's today for the link-up!)


  1. "Sewed a thing" is more accurate than "learned to sew..." If I had more than one hand free, I'd tell you all the things that went wrong!